Philippe Côté-Léger

Online Marketing Specialist and Professional Premature Ejaculator

Hi! If you landed on this site, you’re either lost or wondering who I am. If you’re still reading up to this point, I guess you’re not here entirely by accident. So here we go: My name is Philippe Côté-Léger.

I’m an online marketing specialist. I’m currently head of online marketing at Lab Urbain, a Montreal Based advertising agency. I’m also a lifelong premature ejaculator. You might wonder why I’m telling you this. My friend, That’s an interesting question! It’s because I’m also the founder of Premature Ejaculation Help. I’ve launched this website to raise awareness of this specific sexual dysfunction. The thing is, a lot of guys freak out about the fact they can’t last long in bed. The truth is, it’s not as dramatic as it seems. As someone who did freak out about this some time ago, I now help men manage the negative consequences premature ejaculation can have in their life.

And when I’m not talking about men’s sexual response, I also have a marketing consulting gig for SMB called Votre Sherpa.

My Projects

Premature Ejaculation Help

Premature Ejaculation Help is a patient-oriented self-help website. If you’re wondering why a marketing specialist started a medical website on sexual dysfunction, you can read this medium post that explains my motivation. In short, as a lifelong premature ejaculator, when I was still a teenager, I tried to inform myself on the subject. Like any teenager shy of his sexual condition, I turned to the Internet to find answers to my questions. Unfortunately, reliable resources on this condition are scarce. There’s also a lot of unethical marketers that are trying to profit from some men’s desperation. So, I decided to use my marketing and SEO skills to bridge the gap between the premature ejaculators and the right resources to help them deal with their condition.

Votre Sherpa

Votre Sherpa is a consulting firm that helps SMB to calculate and optimize the return on investment (ROI) of their advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, during my career, I saw too many businesses struggling with their online and offline advertising. These businesses were pouring money down the drain on ineffective marketing tactics. They didn’t know how to measure their ROI correctly, and they kept squandering all their budgets. Votre Sherpa aims to educate clients on how they can spend their marketing money more efficiently.

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